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Count on our expert staff to clean your carpets professionally without damage – and with minimal disruption. Call on us any time for your carpet cleaning needs, whether you purchased from us or from another store. We’re here to help!

Pet stains from a dog, cat or other animal can be difficult to treat if you are not a professional. Oftentimes, attempting to spot clean a carpet results in further damage. Discoloring can happen easily if a stain is not treated properly.

Dust and dander can easily travel throughout your home causing dirt and allergens. Keep your rugs and carpets clean with Niles Floors & Blinds professional carpet cleaning services.

Count on Niles Floors & Blinds to clean your carpets without damage – and with minimal disruption.

Steam cleaning a carpet provides a deeper cleaning than shampoo. Of course, a carpet needs to be vacuumed and spot cleaned often to remain clean looking. However, these types of carpet cleanings just clean your carpet on the surface. A steam cleaning of your carpets can remove deeper debris, dust mites, human and pet hair and dirt.

Carpet spills are common but as they linger the quality of your carpet can deteriorate and produce oders. Niles will help remove the toughest carpet stains from your pets, wine, coffee or other drinks and food. Minimize the use of chemicals to family members and furry friends with a professional steam carpet cleaning from Niles Floor & Blinds.

Don’t wait another day. Call Niles to schedule your carpet cleaning appointment today.

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