Designer Banded Shades combine the best features of roller shades and window fabric sheers for a stunning window treatment. When a room setting looks exceptional, you’ll expect no less from window shades to elevate your home design. Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades may be the solution to covering your windows beautifully.

Hunter Douglas Designer Banded Shades are a stunning combination of two shades in one. Banded shades provide varying degrees of light control through alternating bands and sheers to create a striking appearance. Move the bands up or down to align the light where you want it. The solid bands diffuse natural light helping to illuminate your space, as the light perfectly streams inside.

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Maintain a view through with elegant sheers and maneuver the bands to create instant privacy. The bands overlap the sheers so you can have complete light control where you want it and when you want it. The window shade bands come in small, medium and large sizes. Choose the size that coordinates best with your home décor. Work with Brothers & Owners, Anthony & Pat Viverito to help you choose the best window treatment for your space.

Designer Banded Shades are a modern window covering solution available in three geometric patterns and bold colors. Fabrics are also available with room darkening options. Room darkening shades are ideal for living rooms with televisions, media rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms where ambience is key. There is a header on the top treatment of the shades that overlaps for a more finished look. Choose from eight hardware colors to create a unique and sleek design.

Designer Banded Shades are available in 4 different operating systems.  Niles Floors & Blinds will help you choose the best window shades lifting system based on your needs and lifestyle. If you love technology and use Siri, Alexa, Google Home or Smart Home devices and speakers ask about automated PowerView® Motorization. Program your window shades to raise and lower simultaneously in any room of your home. A cordless operating system enhances child and pet safety.

SoftTouch™ Motorization is a battery-operated wand system that is easy to tap up or pull down to raise or lower your shades. It’s another great option to reduce cord hazards for kids and pets. Niles Floors & Blinds features many other window shade operating systems like UltraGlide®. UltraGlide® features a single retractable cord or wand that remains constant to eliminate dangling cords. A Continuous Cord Loop system that works like a roller shade pulley or clutch system is also available. This system is often seen in many New York City apartments.

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If you are shopping for a window treatment store and new blinds to cover your windows, visit Niles Floors & Blinds. Personalized service and life-size displays and operating systems can be operated by you in the showroom.  Niles Floors & Blinds can also come to your home by appointment. Contact us today to learn more about Designer Banded Shades.